NZAC/MSC Avalanche Awareness Courses 2018

This Avalanche Awareness Course is an introductory level course and is the first step to gaining an appreciation of the avalanche phenomenon and what is required to make decisions about personal safety when traveling in avalanche terrain.

Course 1 - Whakapapa

Theory Night: Tuesday, 14 August 2018
On mountain day: 18-19 August 2018
Departure from Green Lane 4.00pm Friday 17 August


Theory Night: Tuesday 2 October, 2018
On mountain day: 6-7 October, 2018


Participants understand that avalanches are complex phenomena and that snow travellers require external training as well as lifelong learning.

Course approach

Participants will be exposed to a broad range of factors involved in avalanche decision making. However, the focus will be on non-technical factors and on-going learning.

Key Concepts

• Pre‐trip planning

• Evidence Based decision making (Avalanche Assessor Card) in the field

• Companion Rescue Knowledge and skills