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Good judgment and your fallible mind in the outdoors - Matt Harrison

  • The Dominion 234 Dominion Rd Auckland, Auckland, 1024 New Zealand (map)

DOWNLOAD notes from Matt's very informative talk.

When you tie into the sharp end on the rock or look up at a distant summit on the mountain, what goes through your head when you choose what move to make next? What does your mind do without you knowing about it? Can you blindly trust it?

Matt Harrison is an adventure sports enthusiast and psychologist for the NZDF who  specializes in human performance & leadership. He works with people charged with operating under pressure in complex, ambiguous situations and he'll be with us to discuss some of the human factors that can affect our judgment and decision making in the outdoors.

He will be discussing how an outdoor ‘leader’ might not possess the best knowledge of the moment, and how every member can and should contribute to ensuring the group has the full picture for their own and the overall safety of everyone involved.

It's sure to be an interesting talk and an essential concept to think about before you head into the hills this season with your mates.