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Rose Pearson - Taulliraju - December Meeting

Rose grew up listening to (tall) tales of past tramping exploits in the fiordland area from her parents and their Otago tramping and mountaineering club friends. Upon heading to Christchurch, however, she lost her way among the boulder mats and 2m problems of Castle Hill. Fortunately, this interest in climbing quickly turned to trad, and a few transalpine tramping trips soon lead her to mountaineering. She prefers technical climbing and has been seeking out long technical alpine routes wherever she can for the last several years

Although currently based in the UK, Rose began her mountaineering career with snow and alpine rock ascents around Arthurs Pass (Rolleston and Mt Temple), South Canterbury (Cloudy peak), Aoraki Region (The Nuns Veil), Aspiring Region (NW Ridge of Mt Aspiring), before a quick introduction to mixed and ice climbing at the 2013 Darrens Winter Meet. She then headed north for a three to four year stint in the U.K. where she has taken advantage of the proximity of Scotland and the European Alps. Scotland has provided her with plenty of alpine ice and mixed climbed with difficulties through Scottish VI/VII 6/7, while the European Alps have been her introduction to long (1000+vm) multi-day technical alpine rock and mixed routes climbed over 1 to 3 day periods in winter and summer in the TD+ to ED range. 

In 2015 a winter trip to Canada saw her round out her winter climbing experience with three weeks of ice climbing up to WI5/WI5+ in and around the ice field parkways. In 2016 Rose participated in the New Zealand Alpine Team Expedition to the Cordillera Blanca Range in Peru. Here she was finally able to put her experiences from NZ, Canada, Scotland and the European Alps together on virgin ground as part of the first ascent team of the West Ridge of Taulliraju. The ascent was made over four days in light alpine style and include difficulties up to 5.8, AI5 and M4.