Navigation DAY COURSE 2 - 2019

WHat is it?

Due to huge demand we are running another course!

This is an introductory navigation course to gain skills, confidence and experience in the alpine environment.

The 2019 course will consist of a weekend day in Cornwall Park, Auckland. Topics include:

  • reading maps and using a compass

  • other trips and techniques for finding your way in the New Zealand backcountry

  • understanding the use (and traps) of GPS

This will be more than basic map and compass work.

Please note: You must be a member or join the NZAC to do this course.


6th April 2019

9am. Cornwall Park

WHat GEar?

A baseplate compass & lunch.


The total course fee in 2019 is $50.
It is first in, first served and needs to be paid in full to confirm your place. 

Click here to book your spot.