Rockcraft 2017

If you are new to climbing and are wanting to learn to climb on real rock or have been climbing a while and want to progress your skills into placing your own protection on Trad lead then this course will get you on your way.

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Introduction to lead climbing on natural protection

We are running two courses this summer. They will take place at the Short Side of the Auckland Grammar School Quarry from 5pm - 8pm.

Typically they run rain or shine, however the dates may be subject to change in severe cases.

Course #1: Feb 20, 21, 23, 28, Mar 2

Course #2: Mar 6, 7, 9, 14, 16

The Programme

We will start with a pre-course assessment to work out your climbing level and what programme will suit you best.

Then there will be at least 5 sessions on Tuesday & Thursday evenings (5pm till dusk). If the weather prevents us from climbing then the session will postponed until the next time until we have covered the syllabus.


  • Safety management
  • Equipment
  • Communication
  • Movement on Rock
  • Personal and edge safety
  • Top rope anchor and set up
  • Belaying, Lowering, transitions at top of climb to lowering

For those who show competence on the pre-assesssment and wish to learn trad climbing the following extra topics will be taught:

  • Placing Gear
  • Circular Lead
  • Personal Abseiling

Our Instructors

Peter Cammell is the lead instructor (NZOIA Rock 2 qualified) and will oversee the course

The other instructors are NZOIA Rock 1 qualified and will be assisted by competent, non-qualified, experienced NZAC climbers who have been assessed by Peter.

I'm Keen what next?

I’m keen, what next?

The course fee is $300. You need to be a member of the NZAC, and provide your own gear as set out in the gear list. By registering for this course you have committed to the full cost of the course. Any refunds are at the discretion of the Instruction Committee. Payment can be by Electronic Funds Transfer.

Click here to enroll in our 2017 course. We will confirm your place with an email containing payment instructions.



The following is a minimum requirement for the course:

  • Climbing harness (with gear loops suitable for leading)
  • Climbing shoes
  • Climbing helmet (bike or kayak helmet not suitable)
  • Tube style belay device- 'Black Diamond Guide' or 'Petzl Reverso' type preferable (figure 8 not acceptable)
  • Large locking carabiner to be used with belay device
  • 3 smaller carabiners – two must be locking
  • Personal anchor chain or knotted 120cm sling (daisy chain not acceptable)
  • 33cm prussic loop made from 6mm cord for abseiling

If you are unsure what any of the items are or what to buy please don’t hesitate to email the Instruction Organiser, or ask at your local climbing store. Bivouac Outdoor stores will offer a discount to NZAC members.

Please contact the Instruction Organiser for more info: